Texas Holdem is an interesting variant of the card game Poker. It has it’s own quirks and differences but at the same time it’s pretty similar to Poker in many regards.

Many people may regard Texas Holdem as a minor variant of Poker however this game has enjoyed growing popularity over the years. Nowadays you can find many Texas Holdem tournaments and many casinos offer this interesting card game to play.

It is usually advantageous to play the game online if you are simply looking for the best starting bonuses and perks. This is because there are many online casinos that compete with each other online and thus they provide great incentives to join and play.

When it comes to playing in big Texas Holdem tournaments you can either play online or in regular tournaments. Due to the expansion of the World Wide Web there is actually a plethora of online Texas Holdem tournaments at any time with some big cash prizes.

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Being able to read your opponent and deceive them is important which would make you think that playing online confers a disadvantage in this regard. Fortunately with the advent of faster Internet speeds it’s now possible to play live Texas Holdem against opponents anywhere across the globe.

Live online Texas Holdem is basically like regular online Holdem except that you get to see a live camera feed of your opponent and they can see you. This allows you to more easily bluff and read your opponent but beware that they will try the same against you.

As such learning Texas Holdem tactics and strategies is also important. Within this site you will find a compendium of articles dealing with playing Texas Holdem and winning this card game.

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